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Jennings KOA Site Map

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Jennings KOA Camping Policies

Welcome to Jennings KOA Holiday. Your suggestions and comments are important to us. Please respond to our email surveys or tell us at the office about your stay. We encourage suggestions for how we can make your stay even better! If you like us, please tell a friend, in fact tell all your friends! If not tell us, so we can correct it! Enjoy your stay.

Check-In 2:00 PM, Check-Out 11:00 AM – Please re-register before 10:30 AM if staying an extra day. Early or late check out will be an additional fee if site is available.

Guests – Campers may have guests. However, they must register at the office and pay all applicable guests fees. Guests who stay less than a half hour will have their fee refunded. Overnight site maximum is 6 people. We reserve the right to limit the number of guests you may have at any time to prevent overcrowding. Guests are not permitted to bring pets.

Car Pass – All vehicles must display a car pass. One ­vehicle per site. Extra Vehicles need to park in specifically designated areas.

Speed – Speed limit is 5 MPH. Please watch for children.

Office/Store Hours – 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM Daily. Please plan to arrive during the hours we are staffed so that we may personally escort you to your campsite; however, after hour check-ins are available. Propane is dispensed during store hours.

Pets – Pets are welcome. Pets must be kept on a leash at all times. You are responsible for the cleanup of your pet’s waste. Do not leave your pet unattended at any time. No pets in Buildings, Pool area or Playground. Pets must sleep in your camping unit at night. Owners must bring proof of Rabies shots for dogs. Excessive barking or aggressive dogs of any breed are not welcome. You will be asked to leave without a refund. Sorry, pets are not permitted in or near our cabin rental units.

Quiet Hours – Quiet hours are from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM. Camping courtesy is in effect 24 hours. No playing of loud music at any time. All radios and outdoor TVs must be turned off at 10:00 PM. Please do not cut through ­occupied campsites.

Children – Parents are responsible for the actions and safety of their children. Children under age 14 must wear a bike helmet when riding their bikes. No motorized ride-on toys allowed. No riding after dusk. Please accompany children under age 10 to the bathroom.

Campsite – One camping unit and one family per site. Site maximum is six people. Clotheslines are not permitted on campsites. We do not allow the washing or cars or RV’s. RV park facilities are on city water and sewer. A sewer donut is required at the point of connection to the sewer pipe, and your hose must be sloped from trailer connection to the sewer hook-up to prevent any clogging or spillage on the ground.

Campfires – No outside firewood is permitted. Kiln dried firewood is sold for the very limited number of campsites that the county has permitted us to have campfires in the raised fire pit provided. You may NOT bring your own for use on other sites. Our group campfire location was specifically approved by the town/county as well. Unfortunately, many RV parks in Florida do not have campfires or very limited campfires due to local regulations.

Garbage – Trash dumpster and recycle bins located ­directly behind the store. Household garbage only, please.

Wi-Fi – Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the park. It is for answering emails and viewing pages on the Internet. It is not designed for movie or music downloads.

Cable TV – We provide free cable TV with 24 channels in both HD and analog. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy it: Please remember to hook up your cable cord to the connection outside, turn off your antenna power booster (yes, you do have one), and scan your TV on cable for channels. Some TVs may not receive every channel in high definition.

Cable TV Guide

Handicapped Guests – Please let us know if you need any assistance from us. We want you to have a great camping experience. Motorized scooters for those with disabilities are permitted.

Improper Behavior – We reserve the right to evict anyone violating the rules of good camping, destroying property or creating disturbance without a refund. For the protection of campers and guests, anyone who willfully or negligently destroys or defaces property of another camper or park property, will be held liable for the full value of replacement cost and will be subject to eviction. No foul language, drunkenness or improper behavior will be tolerated. No Firearms, BB Guns, Air Guns, Fireworks, Chinese Lanterns or Drones, or anything else not in keeping with a family environment. If you are disturbed by noise from a fellow camper during quiet hours, please call the park emergency number (386) 855-3783 so that we may remedy the situation.

Camping is an outdoor experience. No refunds are given due to the discomfort of nature. No refunds for early departure. Only reserve the nights you wish to stay.

This property is privately owned. The visitor/camper accepts its privileges with the understanding that he/she does hereby release the campground, and its officers and employees, of all liability and agrees to indemnify the campground, and its officers or employees against claims resulting from loss or damage to property or injury to the person or any member of the party arising from the use of its camping or recreational facilities.

Swimming Pool – Our facilities are not supervised by a lifeguard or other responsible person. In place of on-site supervision, this facility has established a series of safeguards to be followed by all guests. Please read the safety rules located at the entrance of the pool and outlined here. We are required to notify you of these rules, to ensure that water rescue equipment is at the pool and that the swimming area is maintained in a sanitary manner. In the interest of your safety and that of your guests(s), we require you to follow these rules. Injuries can be prevented, and safety is everyone’s responsibility. If you notice any problems with water quality or the absence of safety equipment, please notify us at once. Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian (18 years or older), with at least one adult remaining out of the water. Never swim alone. A minimum of two adults must be present when the swimming facility is in use, with at least one adult remaining on the deck. Please shower before entering pool. Don’t drink alcohol and swim. No food or drink in pool area besides water in plastic bottles. If you have any questions we will be happy to discuss them with you. Pool hours are 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM. In an emergency Dial 911.

Lake – There is no swimming or boating in our lake. No license is required, but fishing is catch-and-release only.